Thursday Aug 11, 2022

YouTube SEO from Basic to Advanced

It is likely to find people interested in your field to ask a question – which you can answer with your video. Linking your video on these Q&A website not only increases your views and stats, it will also boost your credibility among people in your field. It’s no surprise that YouTube is using inbound links to video as a ranking factor much like how Google uses inbound links as a ranking factor.

I’ve mentioned how viewers use thumbnails and titles to decide which videos to watch. YouTube uses a metric called Audience Retention to measure the overall time that people spend watching your videos. The more your audience engages with your videos, the better rankings you’ll experience.

In addition, you can also analyze your channel statistics. Within the traffic source analysis are the most used terms to reach your videos. There, you can find inspirations to record new content or include keywords in your uploads. Search Engine Optimization is the set of strategies for optimizing the user experience that aims to improve a page’s positioning on search engines. To improve your YouTube SEO, use keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, visual editing tools to add thumbnails like Canva, and built-in analytics tools in YouTube to track metrics. If you’re still having trouble increasing your watch time and maintaining user engagement, you may need to rethink how you’re making your videos. For more details click here

You could also ask other websites in your niche to post your video on their site or write guest posts for them that include your video. The more backlinks you have, the better your YouTube SEO will be, and also your Google SEO. Because, as we’ve already established, ‘human’ signals play a key part in the algorithm that determines a videos ranking. We’ve touched on it already but, like all search engines, human signals play a big part in the success of your content. The highest-ranking YouTube videos for this keyword promise to teach their viewers something new–and, of course, they all include the keyword verbatim.

How long you should make your YouTube description will depend on the specific topic. However, as a general rule, you should look to make each description at least 300 words. Subtitles is one of the most significant components of YouTube SEO.

When audience searches products or services via entering name , on Google, your website will appears on first page. The relationship between organic and paid search in Google has always been in the spotlight, but what about YouTube? There are two paid audiences built up from users that interact with a YouTube channel, Similar Audiences and Remarketing Audiences. Growing these audiences through organic activity, increases the volume and quality of these target groups that paid media can then use in different ad formats. These paid campaigns aim at reaching a certain marketing objective that sits in the upper or lower funnel of a customer’s journey. YouTube SEO can influence the performance of paid media across the entire funnel.

One of the things that have helped fuel my personal brand growth is doing interviews, like this one on Evan Carmichael’s channel. Some YouTube channels specialize in interviews, while others conduct them regularly. So if you have a YouTube channel about food, find a channel that’s all about beverages. It’s tricky because you ideally want to team up with YouTube channels that complement but don’t necessarily compete with your channel.


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